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Sharp and Nickless Ltd is a Nottinghamshire based confectionery company specialising in biscuits and Brandy Snaps. Established in 1888, we have a wealth of experience in supplying delicious Brandy Snaps and biscuit treats to a wide range of delicatessens, gift shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.


Located at the Stable Door Bakery Long Eaton, Sharp & Nickless use traditional baking methods and techniques, together with fine quality ingredients to produce Brandy Snap rolls, Brandy Snap baskets, Brandy cones, Honey snaps, gingerbread biscuits, Easter biscuits and much more.


Our Brandy Snaps can be filled with cream by caterers and our Brandy Snap baskets and cones can be used to make interesting dessert items. We are one of the very few bakeries in the UK producing Brandy Snaps, ideal for every occasion.



For more information on our Brandy Snaps call today: 0115 973 2169

77 College Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4NN

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